Stanley Baronett

We recently started taking primary care of the family Quaker parrot (monk parakeet). We wanted to see some open play stands in person and get more information about daily care. Noel was immensely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We spent almost two (2) hours in the store asking questions, looking at products, and interacting with the all the friendly and curious birds! We will be regulars here (e.g., to buy feed), and we cannot recommend this place enough for any prospective, new, or serious bird owners. Definitely drop by!

Toni Marie

Priscilla‘s pantry is one of the best places I trust taking my bird To have his nails trimmed and beak maintained. I live in Henderson and drive the distance because I absolutely love this store. Everyone is so friendly warm and kind ❤️

Lesley Banzon

Absolutely love this super cute shop! We recently found this place to shop for our eclectus, and they carry a lot of great items. I love all the birds that hang out! The owner was so friendly and was willing to talk us through every single product we needed. We are definitely coming here for all of our parrot's needs. Here's a photo of our eclectus, Vida! She is loving the cage, snacks, and toys we purchased there!

Kimberly Bauer-Schaub

I will only shop at Priscilla's Pantry for all my bird needs. Ken and Noel are extremely knowledgeable of birds, bird nutrition, and bird toys. Great selection of toys. They even special order me large bags of food. Top notch customer service. We so appreciate their store and willingness to answer our questions. We always recommend their store.

kimberly martinez

Wonderful store. Very caring and informative. Birds are well taken care of! Prices are reasonable. Lots of great bird products. We take our birds there for clipping. This is our go to store.

Michael Torres

What an amazing place for all your birds needs. Wonderful selection of cages and toys food of all kinds. Beautiful parrots and macaws, etc. adorn the store but unfortunately they're not for sale because they're All rescues. They can refer you to a bird rescue group if you want. Friendly, knowledgeable, considerate owners will answer your questions and guide you through bird ownership.